Apurva Padubidri MD

Apurva Padubidri, MD
Family Medicine, Austintown, Ohio

I joined Steward Medical Group immediately after completing residency, continuing to work with the same hospital and same community that I was raised in and where I trained. Steward being a physician-run organization was very appealing to me. Having the people in charge understand what it really means to treat a patient is important. It results in an understanding of the importance of patient care and also the importance of structure and communication for the practicing physician.

The care model in place by Steward is beneficial for the patient as well as the provider. The organization encourages me to voice my opinion and to participate in critical patient care decision-making. There are committees and contacts in place to encourage a high level of transparency and communication. I am able to have a varied daily schedule which involves seeing my own patients in an outpatient setting, precepting with the residency clinic, giving lectures for didactics, and rounding on the inpatient side with the residents. I also attend meetings both for the residency program and for the hospital. Steward allows you to tailor your practice and your career in the way that you choose.

As far as the patient, Steward provides services within their model and within the community which encourages the use of local providers and services. This is better for the area and also better for the patient, providing patients with great care without having to travel to bigger cities or hospitals.