dr winston watkins

Winston Watkins, MD
Internal Medicine, Houston, Texas

I consider it both an honor and a pleasure to have the opportunity to write a testimonial in support of Steward Healthcare System. I have over 30 years of experience as a practicing internist at St. Joseph Medical Center in the downtown area of Houston, Texas.

My journey with Steward Medical Group began when Steward purchased St. Joseph Medical Center. Prior to Steward’s acquisition, I worked as a private practitioner for 24 years, and as an employee of the hospital for over six years. In the midst of confronting different business models and avenues of providing exemplary service, I can say, unequivocally, that my affiliation with Steward has been the most efficient, rewarding, and results-based segment of my professional career. As a primarily Physician owned and operated organization, Steward understands the nuances that drive productivity and job satisfaction in our industry. Steward consistently empowers us with an infrastructure that allows us to concentrate on practicing medicine and the needs of patients and their families. Steward places quality and customer service before profits. I am very excited to work with Steward to continue our mission of providing outstanding healthcare to all patients.