Joseph Carrozza MD

Joseph Carrozza, MD
Chief of Cardiology, St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, Massachusetts

Having spent many years at a large Boston teaching hospital, the opportunity to participate in a different approach to healthcare was the primary reason I embraced the opportunity to join Steward Healthcare and the Steward Medical Group (SMG).

At Steward, the goal is to deliver the same quality healthcare one expects in a major Boston teaching hospital to our diverse communities through the network of Steward hospitals, the Steward Healthcare Network, and the Steward Medical Group. These networks promote service line integration through active physician participation in education, protocol standardization, supply chain management, and quality assurance programs. Rather than duplicating services, consultative programs in areas such as electrophysiology can be provided extramurally by physicians in the Steward Medical Group to a variety of practice venues such as physician offices and community hospitals.

An integrated PAC-s network enterprise systems facilitates real-time exchange of primary data including ECGs, echocardiograms, nuclear images, and angiograms.

Steward Healthcare recognized early on the need to invest considerable resources in programs such as the e-ICU and Home Care which improve patient outcomes without a financial return. This philosophy of healthcare delivery accounts for Steward’s highly successful participation in its Accountable Care Organization. As a physician-run organization, Steward Medical Group values the input of its physicians.

This commitment to physician collaboration has created the environment that has attracted many world-class physicians to Steward. Whether it is doing cutting-edge clinical research, teaching tomorrow’s doctors, or caring for underserved patients, Steward offers its physicians the opportunity to be on the forefront of the future of healthcare today.