dr suzanne saindon

Suzanne Saindon, DO
PCP, SMG Newton Primary Care

I came to St. Elizabeth's Medical Center for my internal residency after researching all the programs in New England. Being from New Hampshire, and living for many years in the Boston area, I have seen first-hand the caliber of physicians we are privileged to have here in Massachusetts.

The reason I came to Steward and St. Elizabeth’s is very special — it was because of the recommendations from patients. During my search for a training center, I spoke with patients, and hearing their stories about the care they received from their team of doctors at St. Elizabeth’s made me realize that the medical center is truly special. After graduating from residency, I chose to join the practice in which I trained during the prior three years. Since I have worked alongside the majority of the subspecialty doctors, when my patients receive a recommendation to see a specialist, they are receiving a very personalized match in terms of medical specialty and personal approach. Each day I continue to meet more and more patients who give praise to the care they receive from the Steward medical team.

My support for Steward and St. Elizabeth’s extends more than professional. I also receive my care, and the medical needs of my family, by physicians in the Steward network. I know that we are in excellent hands working with some of the best physicians in the Boston network.