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Utah Towns & Culture

Home to more than 193,000 residents – and growing due to booming job markets and a desirable quality of life – Salt Lake City, Utah, may just be the home you’ve always dreamed of. From the breathtaking mountain views and the plethora of outdoor activities to the museums, historic Olympic venues and friendly neighbors, Salt Lake City is loved by all. Whether you are looking for a skiing and snowboarding haven or prefer the arts, there is something for everyone in this beautiful city.

Upon moving to the Valley, the first thing you may notice is the mountains surrounding the city. Billowing over the entire valley, the natural beauty of the mountains is postcard-perfect. For wilderness lovers, the landscape alone is a dream. Of course, Salt Lake City has much to offer in the arts, education, shopping and good food.


Within the last few years, the Salt Lake Valley has exploded with a number of new local restaurants, movie theaters, bars, clubs and concerts. There are local sports bars to watch games and have a beer, hundreds of concerts, plays and events, as well as sporting events for the entire family to enjoy. The shopping is also plentiful with a wide variety of stores and boutiques to choose from.


Whatever your tastebuds crave, you can find it here. From countless fine dining restaurants to trendy, laid back burger joints and sushi, Salt Lake has it all. With the area’s recent population boom, it seems that there is a new restaurant option every day!


If you love the changing of the seasons, moving to Salt Lake City will be a treat for you. There is always something to look forward to as four distinct seasons of summer, winter, spring and fall engulf the scenery around you.

Though it can get quite hot in the summer and cold in the winters, there is very low humidity in Salt Lake City. Utah is known for being the second driest state in the nation with precipitation averaging around 12.26 inches year round. Salt Lake City is slightly less dry with an annual precipitation average of 16.5 inches. The overall temperature average in Salt Lake City is about 52 degrees Fahrenheit, with July being the hottest month and January the coldest.

Arts & Culture

Salt Lake City has a wide variety of educational and enlightening experiences to offer those with a passion for arts and culture. Various museums, art galleries and festivals – along with performing arts opportunities and entertainment such as dance, opera and symphony – are open to the public and very affordable.

Various cultural and educational experiences are easily available to children in Salt Lake City as well. Art classes, music lessons, acting classes and other opportunities abound, and many of these experiences are free and easy to find.

Utah Housing

Affordable homes

Looking for a great home? Now is an ideal time to look at all Salt Lake City has to offer. Because of the thriving job market, home values in Salt Lake City are on the rise. Still, homes in Salt Lake City remain among some of the most affordable in the U.S. For the quality of life, the charm and vibrancy of the city (as well as great economic benefits and a low cost of living), you can’t beat what Salt Lake City has to offer. Of course, the beautiful mountain peaks surrounding the city are an added bonus to those looking at Salt Lake as a potential home!

Low crime rates

Most areas of Salt Lake City are known for being very safe, making this community an excellent place to raise a family. Beautiful scenery, fresh air, clean and wide streets, low crime rates, and the friendly people of the Salt Lake Valley make this city a wonderful place to call home.

Utah Education

Education for Children

The Salt Lake City School District is the oldest public school district in Utah, employing over 1,300 teachers for K-12 students. From daycare through high school, there are many institutions that will prepare your child for success. Many parents will be happy to know upon moving to Salt Lake City that their child will have every opportunity to grow in a challenging yet nurturing environment within our school district.


If you are considering a university or a college in the Salt Lake Valley, there are several to choose from. Several institutions have earned national recognition for their programs. Among these options are Westminster College and the University of Utah.

Utah Travel & Highlights

National Parks & Outdoor Recreation

With more than 60 national and state parks within a few hours of Salt Lake City, there are unlimited adventures to be had by the entire family. People travel from all over the globe to visit our world-renowned ski-resorts, the Great Salt Lake (the largest saltwater lake in the western hemisphere), and – of course – to hike, bike and explore the great terrain.

Genealogy capitol of the world

If you are looking to find a unique experience in Salt Lake City, then make a visit to the Family History Library to discover more about about your life, family background and history. You may be surprised to find that Salt Lake City is considered the “Genealogy Capitol of the World.”

Fun for kids of all ages

The Salt Lake Vally is a very family-friendly environment, and an exciting place for kids of all ages to learn, grow and explore. Whether your kids are interested in exploring the great outdoors, learning about the world of arts and culture, or participating in performing arts, such as music and dance, there are many opportunities for kids to enjoy here!

Historic Olympic Legacy

In 2002, the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games were held in Salt Lake City, bringing more than 2,500 Olympic athletes together from 77 nations. In keeping the Olympic spirit alive, there are now U.S. Olympic training sites for youth and those continuing to practice winter sports. Two particular sights, The Utah Olympic Park and the Utah Olympic Oval, help prepare and train aspiring Olympians in sports such as speed and figure skating, hockey and more.

The Olympic Park also offers family fun for all, with the chance to visit and explore Olympic History! With adventurous activities like hiking, sliding, climbing and zip-lining, this exciting place is a great place to make family memories.

Outdoor Recreational Activities

If you are a lover of the great outdoors, you will truly appreciate all that Salt Lake City has to offer. The beauty is outstanding; and if the views alone are not enough, there are countless outdoor recreational activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Utah presents miles upon miles of nature showing off. With spectacular lush forests, rocky peaks, canyons, and long, winding rivers, the terrain presents a delightful playground to outdoor adventurers, as well as photographers hoping to capture the natural beauty. Opportunities for camping excursions, mountain climbing, hiking, boating, fishing, skiing and winter sports are almost too numerous to count.

Biking & Hiking

Many biking and hiking trails run throughout the Salt Lake Valley and surrounding areas up into the mountains. Just minutes away from downtown, there are paths that will lead you straight into the heart of nature. Short and long trails alike are available to all ages. From easy to vigorous options, we have them all!

Winter Sports & Activities

Skiers and snowboarders flock to Salt Lake City every winter to have their go at (as the license plates say) the “greatest snow on earth.” Because of the excellent mixture of altitude and humidity, ski and snowboarding experts claim Utah to have the best, softest and fluffiest snow on the entire planet.

There are four world-class ski resorts within 30 minutes of Salt Lake City, also accommodating the largest ski resort in the entire country (Park City Mountain Resort) in Park City, UT. If you like day skiing, night snowboarding, wide open terrains and wonderful snow quality (and quantity), this is the place to be.

National & State Parks

There are over 60 national and state parks within a few hours’ drive of Salt Lake City, making it the perfect launching pad for your outdoor adventures. Staying in Salt Lake City allows for easy and quick getaways to the great outdoors, where you will find adventure, a place for reflection, and be moved by the spectacular views. With a variety of guided tours available, as well as the option to travel and explore on your own, you will have many opportunities to experience a vast variety of national public outdoor areas including historic sights, lakes, lush forests, spacious deserts, natural rocky arches and more.



If golf is your favorite pastime, you’ll love Salt Lake City! Named as one of golf.com’s Top 50 Golf Cities in America, Salt Lake City comes in at an impressive number 37 on the list. With gorgeous scenery, expertly manicured golf courses, and at least 40 courses to choose from (all within 30 minutes of the Salt Lake Valley), this city is a golfer’s dream.

Major League Sports

Salt Lake City is home to major and minor league sports teams, including the Utah Jazz (NBA) and the Real Salt Lake soccer team (a major league team that won the MLS Cup in 2009 and returned to the MLS Cup again in 2013).

Minor League Sports

If you are looking for a laid back outing that is inexpensive and fun for the whole family, check out a minor league sports game! The Utah Grizzlies (hockey) and the Salt Lake Bees (baseball) create fun experiences for all ages.

Collegiate Sports

There are always sporting events at local colleges and universities, such as the University of Utah. Most attended and recognized are the Utah Utes basketball and football teams.

Building for the Future

Because of its natural beauty and growing economy, many people are flocking to the wonderful Salt Lake City. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in Salt Lake City is approximately 3% (lower than the national rate), and Utah is experiencing its second highest economic growth rate in the U.S. in the past two years. Because of this, home values are on the rise and people are being drawn into the region from all over the country. New construction is cropping up throughout the region, and the city is improving and growing exponentially year after year with more restaurants, job opportunities and businesses.